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Coffee Beans and it’s types

Do you like having coffee? How often do you drink coffee? Do you know that there are different types of coffee?

Coffee beans are basically seeds that comes from coffee plant. They are aromatic and have caffeine in it. Since coffee is world’s largest consumed beverages, coffee beans are major cash crop and an import export product. Study says than on an average more than 2 billion cups of coffee is consumed worldwide. United States is the largest consumer of coffee as compared with other countries


There are 4 common types of coffee beans. They are –

  1. ARABICA – Arabica is also known as the Arabian coffee. It is world’s largest grown coffee type and accounts 60% of worlds coffee production. They have a flat shape and are big. The caffeine amount in it is relatively low. Arabica beans contains 0.8 – 1.4% of caffeine in it. This coffee grows on a high altitude and requires evenly distributed rain throughout the year. The height if this plant can go from 4m up to 10m tall.

2. ROBUSTA – Robust is also known as the coffee canephora. This coffee accounts 40% of worlds coffee production. It has its origin from central and western sub-Saharan Arica. They are small and round in shape. Arabica beans contains 0.8 – 4.0% of caffeine in it. Robusta has almost double the amount of caffeine and more antioxidants as compared to Arabica coffee. They also are more bitter and has lower sugar amount than Arabica coffee. Unlike Arabica coffee, the Robusta plant prefers to grow at lower altitudes.

3. LIBERICA – Liberica is also known as the Liberian coffee. These coffee beans have a smoky and nutty flavor. This coffee bean is larger in size as compared to Arabica and Robusta. It is rarely grown coffee and has limited supply, due to which it is costly. Liberica is also the main coffee species cultivated in the Philippines and Malaysia. It has lower caffeine content than the two most popular coffee that are Arabica and Robusta. 

4. EXCELSA – Excelsa coffee is a rarest type of coffee belonging to Liberica family. They grow on dry oil and does not require much of water to grow. Since they are rare, they are expensive and holds an extremely small percentage of world market. They are mainly grown near the lake of Chad in West Africa. Most of the excelsa beans have teardrop shape.

As mentioned before, coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverage. The different types of coffee beans bring different flavour. These coffee beans are generally sun dried, grounded and then used in variety of food and beverages. Coffee is mixed with milk, water, sugar etc. to enhance its flavours.

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So which type of coffee do you prefer to have? Let us know about your preferences in the comment section below.

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